MC/DJ Tim Paciorek has now been in the business for 15 years. DJ Tim has performed in many states, including MA, CT, RI, NJ, VT, and NH. Tim recently was in Ireland coordinating a wedding and helping create a “Fairy-Tale” wedding for a Bride & Groom. Much of Enchanting Memories’ business is generated by word of mouth, although, it didn’t start that way! Starting out, DJ Tim really didn’t know what he was doing! He kind of "winged" it for the first year and then he became associated with some area professional Disc Jockeys. Tim learned the "correct" way to perform a wedding reception for the bride and groom.

Throughout the next 10 years or so, Tim had attended seminars, trainings, and many marketing meetings with hundreds of other Disc Jockeys from all over the country. As he studied other DJ's and learned how they conducted themselves and how they performed at weddings, he was amazed at how many of the Disc Jockeys appeared unprofessional, disorganized, and unreliable. Tim noticed that some of the Disc Jockeys put the spotlight on themselves, instead of the bride and groom. For this reason, Tim became passionate about his "mark" in the industry – making sure he delivered quality, professional, and dependable DJ services to his clients.

Throughout the years, Tim has received numerous calls from brides and grooms claiming their DJ had double-booked events and couldn't perform their wedding anymore. He's also received calls from area DJ's who were in a panic because they overbooked an event and was desperately looking to find a DJ to "cover" for them. Every call or story like this is amazing to Tim that these weddings weren't a high priority for that particular DJ.

When meeting with brides and grooms, Tim always asks them what types of things they liked that they saw at other weddings they've attended.

Likewise, and even more important, Tim asks them about the things they saw that they didn't like. Quite often, Tim hears stories about a "friend’s" wedding they attended where the DJ was drunk, didn't show up, played terrible music and didn't follow the bride and groom's play list, or the event was not organized or professional. It is very upsetting and unfortunate to hear these types of stories. Tim knows that a Bride and Groom's wedding day is perhaps one of the happiest and most memorable days of their lives – and that’s just how he will treat their day!

DJ Tim regularly associates with select Disc Jockeys in the MA, CT, and RI areas who works hard to better MC/DJ Tim Paciorek the wedding entertainment industry. Tim's goal at every wedding he performs is to make the wedding the "Fairy Tale" wedding reception that the bride and groom have always dreamed of. One fairy tale wedding for one bride may not be what the next bride wants. For this reason, Tim strives to find out from each and every bride and groom exactly what they want to make their day perfect....and then he delivers it to them!

Rest assured, Tim pays attention to every detail and he organizes each event as discussed with the bride and groom in advance. Tim's goal is to make sure the bride and groom don't have
to worry about a thing on their wedding
day and to ensure they are "at ease". Tim makes sure the event flows smoothly and professionally and he strives to make your event the most unforgettable and enchanting "fairy tale" wedding you've ever been to!

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