DJ/MC Tim has been a DJ for over 15 years. He’s attended training and seminars all over the country in order to constantly and consistently be on the "cutting edge" in the wedding entertainment industry. We’ve found that the vast majority of DJ companies do not attend these conferences and thus get "stuck in a rut" by doing the same routines and performances year after year. We always strive to better ourselves and be proficient at what we do. Our goal is to make sure we keep the wedding events flowing smoothly and worry-free. We work very hard to make your wedding become the "Fairy Tale" wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Each year, DJ Tim and the DJ's that perform for Enchanting Memories attend trade show conferences in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City (and sometimes both). Enchanting Memories disc jockeys meet with a select few DJ companies in MA and CT on a regular basis to always stay in touch with the wedding industry and talk about ways to stay "A cut above the rest!"

Each DJ who works for Enchanting Memories has a minimum of ten years experience performing weddings. They have positive references, positive client surveys, and they present themselves in a professional manner at all times. They must adhere to Enchanting Memories’ strict "Code of Ethics" and they must adhere to the following additional requirements: regularly attend training sessions, keep their equipment up to date and of high quality, and pass various "tests" to make sure their troubleshooting skills and speaking skills are just what are needed to be an Enchanting Memories Disc Jockey.

Enchanting Memories disc jockeys also need to stay up-to-date with current music by subscribing to a professional music service where they get music on a monthly basis, much like the radio stations.

In closing, like in any other business or trade, if you don’t attend training and keep current with change, you actually go backwards. Enchanting Memories takes training very seriously and always strives to be the best wedding entertainment in the industry.

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