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• Hampden Country Club - Wedding Reception - Katie and Jon

Katie and Jon as well as the rest of the guests, family and friends had a wonderful time.
Not only was Tim available and so accommodating prior to the wedding, but was
so helpful and talented during the whole wedding and reception.
He was even prepared for some Portuguese music which
made a lot of people happy on Jon's side of the family!

Thank you Rob for coming to do the ceremony - I knew you were going to be there and
was so relieved to have you both for the microphones etc… and to help hold the
tent in place too!) I am sorry that Dave and I did not get to meet you personally.
I have some photos of you and Tim that I will send along!

We had numerous compliments about the music (and the food at Hampden Country club).
When people ask me how the wedding went, I answer, "Perfect!"

Thank you again! Our daughter said to us at the end of the night, "This was better
than I ever dreamt in could have been." That is music to the ears of a mother and father!

I plan to thank Tim with a personal letter as well. Thank you both for making it a magical day!

Sue & Dave (Parent of the Bride)

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