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• Seven Hills-Lennox - Wedding Reception - DJ Tim

Why did you Choose our company over other entertainment?

We talked and met with about 5 other DJ's and DJ services. Tim was the only one who did not force their style down our throat. He let us set the tone and pick the way we wanted to do things. Also, a couple of the other DJ's thought that the mix of music we wanted was to "difficult" to put together and they were thrown a bit. Tim never made us feel that anything was out of their reach or that our requests were too far out there. You guys posess the perfect balance of professionalism, warmth and friendliness.

How did your DJ add to the success of your event?

Can't say enough about Tim. From the moment we met him, we felt like we were in good hands. When we met at Seven Hills, he took time to meet with the manager so he could get a handle on how to get music in all the rooms. He didn't require anything of us in terms of helping our or figuring anything out. He was completely open to our style in terms of the exact music we wanted and the timing of everything. We asked that he not wear a tuxedo and instead requested him wear a suit.

He even asked us what color suit he should wear and he remmebered what we requested! Not a lot of people have that attention to detail and that kind of respect of their clients' requests. We did request a couple of hard-to-get pieces and when he couldn't find one of them, he contacted our best man who knew a lot more about downloading music than we do and was able to find what we wanted. He never made us feel like we were putting him out. On the day of our wedding there were technical problems with the facility, but Tim remained calm and told us what was going on - he gave us a couple of options, but we never had to use them - he figured it out and we had the exact music we wanted. This was amazing because not only did we want very particular songs at very particular times, but we wanted it to be cued up at a very specific point and Tim hit it dead on! When the dancing started Tim was amazing. He remembered that the first song after our first dance was one of Jim's favorites and he announced it; when Jim had announced that he and his mother danced to "Baby's Got Back" a few months ago - Tim followed their mother/son dance with "Baby's Got Back" and everyone thought it was planned - but it was Tim's fast thinking that made it so much fun.

Also, toward the end of the night we couldn't decide when to end the dancing and
Tim was felxible and patient. Then, when we were going through out things after the wedding we found a customized CD with all our special songs on it. I don't know how he got it to us - our heads were a bit in the clouds that night - maybe he gave it to our best man, but when we saw it it was the perfect ending. We've played several times already and it brings back memories of a wonderful day that Tim helped to create. We were able to relax and enjoy the day because we knew we could count on the people around us and that included Tim in a big way! We can't thank him or After Hours enough! Overall Enchanting Memories was just great - Tim was always quick to returns e-mails, answer questions
and was always friendly and professional. Thank you all so much!

Paula & Jim

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