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• Sunset Farm, Tyrinham MA Reception

Tim was very organized and really helped to get the evening running smoothly. He checked in with me several times over the night asking how things were going, if there were any songs I'd like to hear, etc. He used much of the music I requested which I really appreciate. For the music I didn't choose, he chose music that fit into the overall atmosphere I wanted, and he choose music that he knew would get people dancing. I also really like some of the music he played during the dinner time. He has a nice, agreeable personality too which many people commented to me on.

Anne & Nick

• Cranwell Resort Reception

Tim was a fantastic DJ, all the way from planning to the event itself. He helped us structure the reception so that everything ran smoothly (from introductions, first dances, toasts, cake cutting) and then proceeded to DJ one of the best parties I've ever been to. The dance floor was full all night with a mixture of the older relatives and the young 20-somethings. The whole day was perfect and Tim played a key role in making it all work out.

Sarah & Marc

• Colonial Hotel Reception

Tim was able to get a feel for the crowd fairly quickly which encouraged people to dance and have a great time. The music selection was great and everyone commented afterwards at what a great time they had and how great our DJ was!!

Amy & Robert

• Hotel Northampton Reception

AWESOME!! Tim was the perfect DJ...very professional. The introductions were great and he didn't talk to much (hope that doesn't sound weird). The play list was great and it incorporated everything that we liked. People were on the dance floor all night...he played our special requests and spent time during the reception looking for a request of my husbands. He was great and I would recommend him to any of my friends!! Thank you!!

David & Cherie

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